Financial Markets in 2023

The financial system is being tested by higher inflation and rising interest rates at a time when inflation in many jurisdictions remains uncomfortably above central banks’ targets. The emergence of stress in financial markets is complicating the task of central banks.

In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, amid extremely low interest rates, compressed volatility, and ample liquidity, market participants increased their exposures to liquidity, duration, and credit risk, often employing financial leverage to boost returns.

The fundamental question confronting market participants and policymakers is whether the recent events are a harbinger of more systemic stress that will test the resilience of the global financial system or simply an isolated manifestation of challenges from tighter monetary and financial conditions after more than a decade of ample liquidity.

This webinar aims to assess the key vulnerabilities the global financial system is exposed to while highlighting policies that may mitigate 

systemic risks, thereby contributing to global financial stability and sustained economic growth


The webinar is scheduled to last for 1hour and 20 minutes at most.