YGES places premium on professionalism. The new generation of young global economic thinkers are expected as a matter of responsibility to the global community, to conduct their activities with the highest levels of professionalism.

We have therefore created the platform where these young professionals would learn ethical standards in the economics professions and remain true to the rules of the discipline.

Young professionals are given the platform to enable their professional advancement, intellectual capacity development and personal understanding of the economics profession.

Building relationship that last a LIFETIME


Our success in the creation of young global economic thinkers is based on synergies that last lifetime. We achieve results because we have built relationships among our global society of young professionals.

We build relationship based on trust, integrity, loyalty and shared humanitarian goals. In our eyes, relationships equal results and this is achieved on the trust that we build with and among ourselves irrespective of our individual background differences.

We create value based on INTEGRITY


Fulfilling our obligation of building new economic thinkers who are going to change the current economic patterns would demand the highest level of integrity. Therefore, at YGES, we establish and build our relationship on high integrity and honesty which inspires our being of existence.

Daring to LEAD through COMPLEXITIES


We aspire to be change agents in the economics profession worldwide. We sought to achieve this by training the next new generational thinkers of relevant economics.

We are optimistic about the future of the economics profession and take initiative to pave new roads and opportunities to foster the smooth training of young economics professionals for the twenty first century and beyond.

Diversity in our NETWORK


We place higher value on diversity and unique contributions, by fostering a trusting, open and inclusive environment and treating each professional in a manner that reflects our quest to raising new generation of economic thinkers.

We achieve results as an interdependent society with professionals from different parts of the world. We are supportive, responsive, flexible, and considerate in our interactions with one another.